Professional Investigations by former law Enforcement Investigators and Corporate Security Investigators from Fortune 500 companies.

We have extensive and documented training and experience as well as contacts with investigators and agencies worldwide. Our investigators have the knowledge and experience to provide excellent results tailored to fit your needs.

Whether business or personal, our professional and confidential investigations provide you with peace of mind and the information needed in order to make important decisions.


The Frost Security Group offers security services for businesses, family offices, individuals and special events. Whether it's a corporate gathering or retreat, group meeting, party, fundraising, or other event, we stand ready to protect your company’s personnel and assets when called upon.

The Frost Security Group also provides for your individual security when traveling to and from points of destination and when meeting at business, personal, or other destinations. 

Our services include Family, Home and Estate Security. Whether you need us 24/7, 365, or only when in Florida or while traveling, we provide you with the protection needed to include providing key holder services for your property when you are away. 

Our Security Professionals are highly trained Field Agents that can provide a visible deterrent, or can be as discreet as needed and can operate in any type of business or social environment without causing distraction.